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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Field of Greens 2012

Field of Greens is Atlanta's greatest effort in showcasing the importance of traceability, the supply chain from farm to fork. I cannot wait to slip on my boots and head to Whipporwill Hollow Farm this Sunday, September 30 for Field of Greens. This has consistently been my favorite festival for years because it is laid back (yet well organized) on a working farm with some of my favorite chefs and local artisans. The farm is gorgeous and fun to tour. The food is outstanding. Last year Linton Hopkins’ hot chicken blew me away, literally and figuratively. I came away with bags full of local products and a bevy of silent auction winnings with Slow Food Atlanta as the recipient of the dollars spent.

Foraging pig apron from here
This year Todd Mussman of Muss and Turner's, Local Three, and Eleanor's will host a pig roast at 4 p.m. Fresh off his win at the inaugural  Heritage Cochon BBQ Competition (along with Nick Melvin, Jay Swift, and Tommy Searcy), Todd is masterful at this process.
After I peruse the market including some of my favorites (Emily G's Jams/sauces, Pine Street Market meats, Phickle Pickles, Decimal Place goat cheese, Garlic Clove Foods quinoa, Beautiful Briny Sea Salts, King of Pops), I will head to the tasting tent to be dazzled by small bits. The vendor area is the perfect place to purchase items for the holiday baskets I am planning. I have seen mention of many specials. Here is blurb about my favorite local things.

The restaurant line-up for the tasting tent which opens at 12:30:

Ron Eyester - Rosebud, The Family Dog (last year, the chicken and biscuits were like no other dish served. Amazing comfort food)

Robert Phalen - One Eared Stag, Holy Taco (The trotter terrine was my favorite dish last year. I hovered over this table)

Dave Larkworthy - 5 Seasons Brewing Company

Eric Ottensmeyer - LEON's Full Service

Linda Harrell - Cibo E Beve

Justin Keith - Food 101

Lance Gummere - Bantam+Biddy

Asha Gomez - Cardamom Hill

Shane Devereux - The Lawrence

Stephen Herman - Haven

Matt Swickerath - Valenza

Todd Mussman - Muss & Turner's, Local Three (the meatballs last year!)

Marc Taft - Chicken & The Egg

Chad Clevenger & Jeffrey Gardner - Alma Cocina

Craig Richards - Ecco

Cathy Conway - Avalon Catering

Eddie Hernandez - Taqueria del Sol (my first taste of Huitlacoche ever last festival)

Edward Russell - PARISH (last year’s pork pate’ was a favorite)

Billy Allin - Cakes & Ale

Dan Latham - Farm Burger

Whitney Otawka - Farm 255

Jay Swift - 4th & Swift

Todd Ginsberg - Bocado

Duane Nutter - One Flew South (his lamb sausage with blueberry pickled onions last year…holler)

Megan McCarthy - Healthy Eating 101

Nick Oltarsh - ONE. midtown kitchen

Ryan Smith - Empire State South (his deviled ham roulade last year!)

Alison Leuker - Sun in My Belly

Marc Sommers - Parsley's Catering

Todd Richards - The Shed at Glenwood

Britt Cloud - Sprig (I tasted their offering already. So, so good.)

Keith Schroeder - High Road Craft Ice Cream (last year it tasted like bourbon!)

Brian Horn & Joe Schafer - JCT Kitchen

Suzanne Vizethann - The Hungry Peach, Buttermilk Kitchen

EJ Hodgkinson - Woodfire Grill
Get your tickets here.

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