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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Atlanta Food And Wine 2012

I had so much fun at Atlanta Food and Wine Festival in 2011. Since the moment it ended, I have been waiting to go back.  Today Dominique Love gave a preview of what is in store for May 10-13 2012. Here is what I learned from a smattering of tweets on twitter (from @savoryexposure, @katiebell3, @360Media, @ATLFoodandWine, @vlalife, @ATL_Events and @doveatl) while they were enjoying a media lunch.

  • There will be four categories of ticket experiences: tasting tent passes, day passes, 3 day passes and connoisseur passes. I was thankful had a connoisseur pass last year and was able to attend Julian Van Winkle's bourbon session. I learned so much about bourbon in such a short amount of time.  I must have taken three pages of notes. The tasting of Pappy mid morning was quite a treat too!

  • Tasting tables will be open for 3 hours instead of 2. My favorite tasting table experience would have to be hanging out with my Asheville favorites like French Broad Chocolates.

  • Some of the learning sessions will be on sustainability and origination.  This is right in my wheelhouse. One of my favorite sessions last year was the Whole Animal session with Tyler Brown, Sean Brock and Linton Hopkins. Never had breaking down an animal been sop much fun or so informative. I know how much these three are invested in heirloom ingredients, so I am sure they will be involved somehow.

  • There will be a pop up restaurant. Good because I have yet to score a table at Next.

  • There will be a southern cocktail hour with celebrated cocktails from each region. I will have a sazarac, please.
  • Love these session: Wines for Day Drinking, B is for Italy, Very Van Winkle, Fellowship of Country Ham.

  • The festival will include 14 tasting trails including farm fresh goods, tamales, seafood and beef. (And like last year, lots of BBQ).

  • No food trucks this year. This is sad because my single favorite moment of AF&W 2011 occurred at the food trucks. I can still taste the lamb meatballs from gastroPOD . Best bite hands down.

  • Craft beers and chocolates will be showcased. Love this. The sessions by Cacao and the beer tasting with Steve Hayes of Terrapin were so fun.

  • Fun facts: $150,000 worth of tickets were donated to charitable organizations; the festival had 5872 attendees; there were 104 exhibitors and 124 cooking and cocktail classes.

  • I am excited to see how the festival will be better this year. I didn't have a single complaint last year. It was three days of fun.  I learned a bunch, met fantastic people and tasted the best of what the south has to offer. Tickets go on sale Feb. 14th. Best Valentines Day present ever.

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