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fid·dle·head [ fídd'l hèd ] (plural fid·dle·heads) noun
Definition: edible fern shoot: the coiled frond of a young fern, often cooked and eaten as a delicacy

Monday, September 13, 2010

why blog

I often hear/read a chef discussing why he/she loathes the food bloggers. Sometimes I nod along until I realize that I guess I fall into that category. I'm not really a food blogger in the true sense of the term. I never set out to write a blog to be noticed, but rather as an outlet after a tragedy turned my life upside down. Focusing on things that inspire me and make me happy started to make me feel joy again. And while I will never be the same shining spirit I once was, I have lived vicariously through artists and chefs who's craft I believe in while creating this blog. If I can be a part of their success, if only through wishing and saying nice things on my little blog then I have accomplished a lot.

When I stumbled upon this lovely calligraphy piece on Etsy I felt reassured that this is a good outlet and not silliness. It makes no sense. It makes no money but it feels right to love one another, eat each other's cooking and say it was good. I will never bash your restaurant for the rude things you do and I will never waste time on bad meals but I may write about you occasionally and wish for greater recognition than here. I will comment on the real bloggers blogs and vote for you in polls. Not all bloggers are looking for fame and fortune. Some of us are not building an empire, but treating your food as an art form that is fleeting and must be captured before consumed.

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